• Libraries and Collections

    The usual outreach ideas can be modified such as queer book clubs or celebrating LGBT history month in October. Partnerships with local LGBT libraries and community centers can get the library more visibility in the queer community. But, in the end, representation begins on the bookshelf.

  • Mission Statement

    These resources have been collected to assist librarians in serving their queer patrons better. This website should be regarded as a starting ground for wider research.

  • Publishers

    This index was created to assist readers and librarians to find LGBT and LGBT-friendly publishers by genre.

  • Reader’s Advisory

    Reference service reform should go hand in hand with developing LGBT outreach programs such a poetry groups, author chats, book clubs, and partnerships with local and national LGBT organizations. Start small; go big.

Collection Development

Resources to guide librarians on expanding their LGBT collections.

Index of LGBT Publishers

A listing of LGBT publishers by genre.

Reading Community

Find book reviewers, forums, and magazines.

And More...

resources for librarians and readers.

A Storm Moon Press Reading List

Storm Moon Press has published 23 novels/novellas and 18 anthologies in its...

26th Jun

Author Interview: Cornelia Grey

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22nd May

Publishers: Spotlight on Storm Moon Press & Interview w/ S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet

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01st Jan

Advocate.Com: Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets a Lesson in Love

My child is now ten. He transitioned at the age of five....

10th Nov

After Ellen: Your New School Library: Malinda Lo, Lisa Jenn Bigelow, and Marisa Calin

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19th Sep
Adaption by Malinda Lo

Bike Boy Rides Again Review from the Gay Comic’s List

Review: Bike Boy Rides Again April 10, 2012  New Book  Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack. The third...

28th Apr

Tiptree Awards Need Your Suggestions

Most of the books and stories that Tiptree Award jurors read to...

28th Apr

Resilience: stories, poems, essays, words for LGBT teens about growing up, surviving, living and thriving

Resilience: stories, poems, essays, words for LGBT teens about growing up, surviving,...

28th Apr