Bike Boy Rides Again Review from the Gay Comic’s List

Review: Bike Boy Rides Again April 10, 2012  New Book  Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack. The third...

28th Apr

Tiptree Awards Need Your Suggestions

Most of the books and stories that Tiptree Award jurors read to...

28th Apr

Resilience: stories, poems, essays, words for LGBT teens about growing up, surviving, living and thriving

Resilience: stories, poems, essays, words for LGBT teens about growing up, surviving,...

28th Apr

Featured Video: Injustice at Every Turn – National Black Justice Coalition

25th Apr

Christopher Capozzola reviews Our Time by Josh Seefried

Christopher Capozzola, reviewing for the Gay & Lesbian Review Our Time: Breaking...

22nd Apr

After Ellen: Top 50 Female TV Characters

After weeks of tweeting and Tumblr-ing and Facebook-ing and Fan Forum-ing, the...

22nd Apr

After Elton: Top 50 Gay Movies

A few weeks ago we asked readers to submit up to five...

22nd Apr

Newest Issue of Gertrude Press

      Featuring art by Mary Bennett and Ulay and writing from Anthony...

22nd Apr
Issue #17

After Elton Asks What You’re Reading in 2012

Gay Books – What We’re Reading in 2012 Welcome, everyone, to the...

22nd Apr

J. Clark asks the question…

Why bring a gay/ lesbian/ bisexual/ transgender (GLBT) focus to a work...

08th Apr