Publishers: Spotlight on Storm Moon Press & Interview w/ S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet

On January 1, 2013 by SamiG

OutInColorado_3d_200stormQueer for Books is shining a spotlight onto Storm Moon Press.

SMP is a small independent publisher run by S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet. Their mission is to publish between 24 and 48 quality  titles a year for the queer community. They publish a variety of genres from romance to contemporary to fantasy. Their main imprint publishes erotic and non-erotic romance yet SMP also has a general queer fiction imprint called Thunder Moon Press, young adult fiction through Budding Moon, and a limited number of heterosexual titles through Wild Moon Press.

Their titles can be ordered as ebooks or in print through their website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingrams, and other retailers.  They publish novels, novellas, and anthologies that embrace the full queer spectrum at prices that range from $3.99 for anthology ebooks to $13.99 for paperbacks. Ebook & print book bundles are available. They currently have more fiction about gay men but are looking to diversify their booklist in 2013-2014 to include more lesbian, trans*, and bisexual works. SMP’s latest works include Out in Colorado, Dracones, Blood and Lipstick, and Big Damn Heroines. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong who gave me more insight into the world of Storm Moon Press and what librarians should know about them.



1. What kind of genres does the press publish?

Right now, our catalog is primarily romance, erotic romance, but we have imprints for non-erotic and young adult fiction of alldracones_3d_200 types. The common factor is the QUILTBAG main characters.

2. What makes your press different from other queer presses?

Storm Moon Press is an author-centric press. We treat our authors as people, not just a way for us to make a buck. We work close to the break even line, and we’re small. We have every intention of remaining small, our goal quality, not quantity.

3. What kind of readers should librarians recommend your booklist to?

Adults interested in QUILTBAG romances and erotic romances. We do have our Budding Moon young adult imprint, though it is in its infancy. We’d like to see more authors taking on QUILTBAG literature for the younger audience, but the pickings are slim for that at the moment.

4. What do you want readers to get out of the books?

We’d love for our readers to be challenged. Many topics our books tackle make people think beyond just the page. At the end of the day, we want readers to close a book from us and feel satisfied… and maybe just a little turned on. The themes of love and edginess and acceptance run heavily through our catalog, and we’d hope that readers are able to forget for just a little while when immersed in one of the worlds our authors has created.

QueerFear_3d_2005. Why should libraries order the presses’ books for their collections?

The QUILTBAG romance and erotic romance genre isn’t going anywhere. It’s incredibly popular, and it will only continue to gain momentum. Straight romances have been on bookshelves for a long time now, but those who belong to the QUILTBAG spectrum haven’t had the same opportunities to find themselves in stories about love and lust and belonging. It would be wonderful for libraries to open their shelf space to more QUILTBAG fiction of a romantic nature and encourage readers to give them a try.

6. Is there anything else that librarians should know about your press?

While we currently have a catalog primarily comprised of romances and erotic romances, we are trying to spread our wings. We’d like libraries to check back with us often to see if we have any titles that fit their inventory. We’re always happy to work with libraries!

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