After Elton Asks What You’re Reading in 2012

On April 22, 2012 by SamiG

Gay Books – What We’re Reading in 2012

Welcome, everyone, to the new gay-themed books thread here on AfterElton, starting with fresh recommendations for the year 2012!

I’ve enjoyed hearing about what various AE members have been reading. Goodness knows my own library has expanded considerably as I’ve collected various titles that have been mentioned on the previous book threads.

I don’t expect anyone to post in-depth detailed reviews (though you can certainly do so if you wish).  Writing a few words regarding the subject matter of the title in question, and whether you’ve enjoyed it or not, will do nicely. Any kind of description that will provide people with enough information to determine if they’d like to read the book will be helpful.

I enjoy a wide range of genres myself, though I do have my favourites like everyone else. So, please feel free to post about all sorts of gay-related reading material: highbrow or lowbrow, fiction or nonfiction—-anything with gay characters or plot-lines or themes is fair game. You can never tell—the book you mention may be precisely the sort of thing that another AfterElton reader will love.

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