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On April 22, 2012 by SamiG

Issue #17




Featuring art by Mary Bennett and Ulay and writing from Anthony Botti, Michelle Cabral, Raquel Chalfi (in translation), Niamh Corcoran, Meredith Danton-Camel, Kate Carroll de Gutes, Andrea Dulanto, Mary Bess Dunn, Paul Alan Fahey, Jim Farfaglia, Ezra Feldman, Caroline Harvey, David Hopes, Jane Hoppen, Tsipi Keller, Jackson Lassiter, Sara Lier, Peter Lucas, Miha Mazzini, Margarita Meklina, Verónica Reyes, S.A. Sabo, Andrea Scarpino, Nagisa Shimabukuro, Katie Jean Shinkle, Joshua Michael Stewart and K.M.A. Sullivan. View Full Contributor Bios…

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