Demand for ebooks in public libraries is present, growing, and not likely to stop anytime soon, and 2015 is just around the corner. If you aren’t on the bus, it’s time to buy your ticket. Just grab a rail and hang on, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Sue Polanka in An Ebook Primer, Library Journal.

A wider variety of LGBT books are available than ever before. LGBT characters are pushing beyond the usual character tropes and into new territory as astronauts, doctors, cowboys, vampires, pirates, and more. While such books are outnumbered significantly by heterosexual books, the new frontier of e-publishing is helping close the gap. Librarians should remember to check out independent publishers when developing their LGBT collection.

This index was created to assist readers and librarians to find LGBT and LGBT-friendly publishers. LGBT-friendly publishers with less than twenty LGBT novels were excluded as were the Big-Six publishers like Random House or MacMillian (who may accept/publish LGBT of every genre in their many imprints but at such a small percentage compared to their overall catalog)  to keep the list concise. No book minimum (only recent activity) was placed on strictly LGBT publishers so established presses like Alyson Books are listed alongside micro-publishers like Storm Moon Press. Personal vanity presses and print on demand publishers were excluded as well.  LGBT publishers release books in multiple genres with romance, SF/fantasy,  and mystery being the most popular.  Publishers were divided into sexual orientations by what their editors were accepting for admission. I split the presses between fiction and non-fiction as well.  The books by these publishers can be found at third party websites like the, Amazon, or the publisher’s ebook store.

The LGBT community has carved their own flourishing publishing niche on the internet. LGBT books may be scarce in libraries but that should not be true for long. So much LGBT literature is being published online so an ebook bibliography was assembled in the Library and Collections page.

Publishers by Focus

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