Libraries & Collections – A Small WorldCat Search Index

The index below features common singular and compound LGBT search terms and the links to their results. WorldCat is one of the largest library catalogs in the world with numerous library partnerships. The catalog allows searchers to look up items and see which local libraries might have it.   Use the Worldcat search box and sidebar to refine your search (click for more WorldCat help).


LGBT GLBT Queer Gay Rights
Gay Community Sexual Orientation Homosexual Homosexuality
Homosexuals Gay Gays Lesbian
Lesbianism Lesbians Bisexual Bisexuals
Bisexuality Transgender Transgenderism Same Sex  Marriage
Gay Marriage

Fiction/Non-Fiction Genres

Gay Fiction Lesbians Fiction Transgender Fiction Bisexual Fiction
Juvenile Lesbian Fiction Juvenile Gay Fiction Lesbians in Literature Gay Men in Literature
Transgender People in Literature Bisexuality in Literature  LGBT, America LGBT, Latin America
LGBT, Africa LGBT, Europe Gay, Asia Gay, Africa
Gay, Russia Gay, Australia  Gay History Lesbian, History
 Transgender, History  Bisexuality, History Gay, Law  Gay, Medicine
 Gay, Political Science


LGBT, Christianity  Gay, Judaism  Gay, Islam  Gay, Religion
 Lesbian, Faith  Queer, Spirituality  Transgender, Philosophy & Religion   Bisexuality, Philosophy & Religion
 Bisexual, Black  Bisexual, Asian  Bisexual, Latino Gay, Latino
Gay, Native American Gay, Asian Gay, Black Gay, Middle East
Gay, Indian Lesbian, Indian Lesbian, Middle East Lesbian, Black
Lesbian, Asian Lesbian, Native American Lesbian, Latino  Transgender, Black
 Transgender, Asian   Transgender,Indian


Didn’t see a nearby library on WorldCat? Then check out the international LibWeb to find one in your area. If they don’t have the book you’re seeking then submit a request for the library to purchase the title.

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